Why Men Shouldn’t be Cheap When it Comes to Escorts

While it’s great to set some sort of a budget, it’s important to avoid being “cheap”. As with most things, higher price usually means higher quality. There are a number of reasons for this in the escort industry. First of all, the more a women charges, the less clients she sees. Exclusivity is important to you, right? Plus, she won’t become tired, burnt out, or sick of her job. She enjoys what she does, and looks forward to every privileged client that she meets. In addition, if you try to... Read The Rest →

Things to Remember During an Incall with GFE Escorts

When you arrive at the incall location, always immediately give her the agreed upon payment – no haggling! The amount should have been agreed upon before arriving, so be a gentleman and adhere to the amount she is entitled to receive. This way you can get started quickly and not waste any time! If you would like to extend at the end of your inititally agreed upon time, repeat the same process – don’t wait until after the additional time to pay. This is for the convenience and peace of... Read The Rest →

Tips to Follow When Meeting Female Escorts for the First Time

When booking an appointment with a Toronto escort, you will want to consider your options for where you wish to meet her. There are two options - 1) Incall: usually her condo, hotel, or suite, you will come to her location to meet her. The benefits of this are that your neighbours don’t see a beautiful young women showing up at your front door, complete anonymity, no unsurprised guests showing up, and convenience. 2) Outcall: the escort will come to your hotel or home for your meeting, and usually will... Read The Rest →

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