Things to Remember During an Incall with GFE Escorts

When you arrive at the incall location, always immediately give her the agreed upon payment – no haggling! The amount should have been agreed upon before arriving, so be a gentleman and adhere to the amount she is entitled to receive. This way you can get started quickly and not waste any time!
If you would like to extend at the end of your inititally agreed upon time, repeat the same process – don’t wait until after the additional time to pay. This is for the convenience and peace of mind for both of you.

Cleanliness is also important during any personal interactions, so when you arrive at the location, ask if you can take a shower if you haven’t already. Looking and smelling good is key to receiving the best service! If you’d like to have some extra fun, ask if she’d like to join you in the shower – she may politely decline, but you may be able to get in some soapy pre-fun.

If you’d like, you could have a quick shower once you’re finished too – particularly if you’re heading back to work, or home to a partner, this may be a good idea.

Remember these simple tips for meeting Toronto incall escorts (or Montreal or Vancouver!) to have even more fun with your time together!

xoxo RichPlayground

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